- 40X Ultra Speed Series
     - 20X High Speed Series
     - Vantage Series
     - Value Series
     - Color Texture Series
     - Human Scan Series
     - Dental Scan Series
     - Laser Profile Measurement
     - Rapid Prototyping Series
     - RapidForm Reverse
       Engineering Software
     - Dental CAD
     - CNC Milling Centre


 V-Flash Desktop Modeler

V-Flash Desktop Modeler

- The fast, affordable and convenient 3D Printer using the latest 3D modeling technology developed by 3D Systems.
- Users can build durable, plastic parts for design visualiztion, planning and functional testing.

Benefits of V-Flash:
- Low operating cost
- "Instant" Prototyping, reduce time in product development
- High stability, high precision and high quality surface finishing
- Non-toxic, able to use in office evironment
- Allow Networking (same usage as printer)
- Upgrade easily for developing V-Flash Technology


V-Flash Curing Unit

- Parts can be harden and long-lasting after curing processing.
- Applicable for all size of V-Flash finished parts.


V-Flash Parts Washer

- A fast and covenient parts washer, using magnetic stirrer with specific solvnt to clean up parts.


V-Flash Prototypes



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