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40X Scan 3D II - Rotary

Scan 3D II - Rotary is an integrated laser scanning system that utilizes the latest advanced German optical measurement and numerical control positioning technology and components. Scan 3D II - Rotary can rapidly capture the 3D geometric shape data of a shoe last. User can make use of the captured data for direct copymill with a CNC milling machine or direct Rapid Prototype fabrication with an RP machine, no 3D modeling work required. The captured data can also assist product redesign and 3D modeling for production tooling manufacturing.





  • 4 mins high speed laser scanning
  • 5-8 times faster than conventional scanning
  • Touchles scanning prevents shoe last deformation
  • Supports EasyLast size scaling and redesigning
  • Can incoporate with NewLast and mainland shoe last production
  • Highly efficient and economically sound

Quickly scans a shoe last in 4 mins

Supports EasyLast size scaling and shoe last design

Can incoporate with NewLast and mainland shoe last production

Finished Product

Optional Module



Scan 3D II - 40X 3D Rotary Scanner Specifications


Scan 3D II – Rotary 40X


40(L) x 43(W) x 59(H)inch

Scan Volume

Diameter 230x380mm3

Laser Type

Class II laser, 670nm, Visible red spectrum

Linear Repeatability

+/- 0.01mm / 0.01 Deg

Linear Accuracy

+/- 0.01mm / 0.02 Deg

Optical Resolution

+/-0.10 mm (Z) +/- 0.22 mm (Rad)

Standard Deviation


Stand-off Distance


Laser Length


Scan Speed

48,000 pts/sec

Scan Software

Scan 3D

Output Format

IGES, DXF, ASCII point cloud format, OBJ, STL Triangle Surface Format, FCS, VRML

Operating Voltage

220AC, 50Hz


One year parts and labor. Technician's traveling and accommodation expenses not included for service outside Hong Kong

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