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3D Foot Laser Scanner II

The 3D Foot Laser Scanner II is a state of art and technologically advanced product. It has been designed and built using the expertise of excellent and international team of engineers. It is a robust, accurate, reliable, esthetically and ergonomically designed 3D laser scanner. The weight of scanner is specifically designed to enable quick and easy scanning and reduce muscle strain for the operator. The scanner having high accuracy and both manual and automatic control, enables scanning of foot, shoe-last, and any footwear related accessories (heel, outsole, etc). The scanner comes with easy to use and excellent software, which uses open CAD format for compatibility with commercial CAD software. Additional add-on software is available for accessories and shoe. In order to bring the best of foot and footwear research to the footwear industry, 3D Foot Laser Scanner II staffs have continuous collaborations with universities and participate in international conferences. The dedicated and highly experienced team members are always available to provide the best possible training and technical support whenever needed. Application of 3D Foot Laser Scanner II includes shoe factories, shoe-last factories, pedorthic clinics, hospitals, universities, research institutes, shoe design centers and shoe boutiques. 3D Foot Laser Scanner II provides scanner and related software to enable companies to reduce cost, reduce lead time, improve productivity, improve collaboration with customers and eventually increase market share and profits.





  • High Speed Scanning: Obtain 3D foot data in 9 seconds
  • Auto Measure 40 Pre-defined Foot Dimensions
       - Support auto measurement and user defined measurement after scanning

  • Create Database of Foot Data for Customized Design of Shoes
        - Build in client info and foot measurement database
  • Compatible with Last and Footwear Design CAD / CAM Systems

      - The 3D Foot Laser Scanner II support a wide rage of industrial standardized 3D file formats,
        including DXF, STL, OJ, IGES and VRML.
      - Most CAD/CAM systems, including last and footwear design system support one/ all of these formats
        (e.g. Shoemaster, Lectra, Delcam Crispin and EasyLast 3D)

      - Support Auto-Grading software to create last based on the foot scan data

  • Support Shoe Last Milling Machine in Customized Last Production

  • Produce custom-made shoes by measurement of the consumers' foot

      - measuse the consumers' foots to produce custom-made shoes

Scan 3D Foot Scanner Specifications

Model No.

Foot Scanner F20

Foot Scanner F20


850mm(L) x 510mm(W) x 445mm(H)

Scan Volume

350 x 170 x 140 mm3

Laser Type

Class II Laser, 670nm, Visible Red Spectrum

Optical Resolution

+/- 0.35mm

Linear Repeatability

+/- 0.01mm

Linear Accuracy

+/- 0.01mm

Standard Deviation

+/- 0.35mm

Scan Speed

76,800 pts/sec

51,200 pts/sec

Scan Time

9 sec/foot

18 sec/foot

Scan Software

Scan 3D Pro

Output Format

IGES, DXF, ASCII Point Cloud Format, OBJ, STL Triangulated Surface Format, FCS, VRML

Operating Voltage

110V / 220V A.C., 50Hz

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