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Foot Sole Laser Scanner


  • High speed : Obtain 3D foot sole data in 9 seconds
  • High accuracy : Standard Deviation < 0.2mm
  • Multiple scan positions: Full, partial and non-weight bearing
  • Scan object : Scan feet, plaster casts, foam box impressions or products
  • Rotary Scan : Support rotary scan to scan shape in 360D (optional)




1 Click Scan - Fast and Easy To Use
The patient simply places a foot on a transparent plate and the scan process takes only 9 seconds with a simple click in the software. Scans can be taken with the foot either weight-bearing, partial-weight bearing or non-weight bearing. The foot can also be held in a corrective position if required.


Customizable Auto Measurement

  • Support user define measurement and auto perform measurement after scan
  • Build in foot measurement and database
  • Build in client info database
  • Support design CAD system for foot orthotics and insoles production
  • Support mass customization of foot orthoses for diabetic and arthritic foot


Compatible with all Orthotic CAD/CAM Systems
The Scan 3D FS supports a wide range of industry standard 3D file formats including DXF, STL, OBJ, IGES and VRML. Virtually all existing CAD/CAM systems, including those used for orthotic design and manufacture, support one or all of these formats.



Optional Rotary Axis
Support rotary scan to transform the scanner into a 360 degree full view scanner to capture all product details. Using Rotary Scan to scan insole / shoe pads and accessories

Produce custom-made insoles by measurement of the consumers' foot

Measuse the consumers' foots to produce custom-made insoles.

Scan 3D - 3D Foot Sole Scanner Specifications


Scan 3D FS1

Scan 3D FS2


720mm(L) x 440mm(W) x 220mm(H)

Scan Volume

170x120X 350mm3

Laser Type

Class II laser, 670nm, Visible red spectrum

Linear Repeatability



Linear Accuracy


Optical Resolution


Standard Deviation



Scan Speed

48,000 pts/sec

19,200 pts/sec

Scan Time


Scan Software

Scan 3D Pro

Output Format

IGES, DXF, ASCII point cloud format, OBJ, STL Triangle Surface Format, FCS, VRML

Operating Voltage

110/220AC , 50Hz

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