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Vantage 3D Laser Scanner


Scan 3D II Vantage is an integrated laser scanning system that utilizes the latest advanced German optical measurement and numerical control positioning technology and components. Scan 3D can rapidly capture the 3D geometric shape data of a sample, e.g. scanning a spectacle in 20 minutes. User can make use of the captured data for direct copymill with a CNC milling machine or direct Rapid Prototype fabrication with an RP machine, no 3D modeling work required. The captured data can also assist product redesign and 3D modeling for production tooling manufacturing.


Special Design:
  • Fully automatic double rotation scanning

  • Manual four-axis scanning
Auto-Rotary Axis (A) for
Multi-Angle Scanning & 
Auto-Translation Axis (Z)
for Laser Movement

Adjustable Rotary axis
to turn different scan angle

Moveable Scan Platform
to fir different roduct size &
enhance laser focusing

Product Features:

  • Instant 3D Scanning
    - 20X Faster than Similar Type of 3D Scanners in China & Taiwan
    - For example: Scanning of a toy surface takes only 1 Minutes

  • Automatic Scanning Process

    - Multi-Angle Scanning
    - Automatic Aligning and Merging of Scanned Faces
  • Support STL Output Format for RP Fabrication

  • Support Direct CNC Toolpath Generation

  • Compatible with CAD/CAM Software (e.g. Master CAM, UG, Pro-E and SolidWorks, etc.)

    - Support Multi Export Format, including IGES, DXF, STL, OBJ, XYZ, etc.
    - Create 3D feature curve based on scan data and auto convert to IGES surface for CAD modification


Product Characteristic:

  • Adopt German High Resolution and High Speed Laser Sensors and Laser Optical Components
  • Adopt German Imported Slides
  • Adopt Japanese High Quality Close-Loop Controller and Motors
  • Patented Technology, Patented No. (200520054113.6), (200520054112.1)
  • Support Multi-Language Control Interface
    (English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified)


Scan 3D II Vantage Specifications


Vantage E

Vantage V

Vantage HS+

Vantage HS


40 cm(L) x 47 cm(W) x 77 cm(H)

Scan Volume

240 x 300 (Z) mm3

160 x 300 (Z) mm3

220 x 300 (Z) mm3

160 x 300 (Z) mm3

Rotation/ Movable Range

Rotary Axis A (auto) : 360 Deg Movable Axis Z (auto) : 300mm
Rotary Axis B (manual) : 30 Deg Movable Axis X (manual) : 80mm

Laser Type

Class II laser, 670nm, Visible red spectrum

Linear Repeatability

+/- 0.01mm / 0.028 Deg

Linear Accuracy

+/- 0.01mm / 0.028 Deg

Optical Measurement Min Pt Dist.

0.12mm (u)
0.27mm (v)

0.10mm (u)
0.19mm (v)

0.08mm (u)
0.15mm (v)

0.05mm (u)
0.10mm (v)

Standard Deviation





Laser Length





Scan Speed

23,040 pts/sec

30,720 pts/sec

Scan Software

Scan 3D Pro (English & Chinese Interface)

Output Format

IGES, DXF, ASCII Point Cloud Format, OBJ, STL Triangulated Surface Format, FCS, VRML

Operating Voltage

110V / 220V A.C., 50Hz

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