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Automatic Profile Tracer


Product Features

  • High speed measurement (about 1 sec/measurement)
  • Automatic rotation
  • Capable of connecting with notebooks and computers
  • Non-contact and non-destructive measurement
  • Assist shrinkage and distortion control
  • Capable of generating QC report
  • Capable of statistical analysis and control usage
  • Export to other software in DXF or ASCII Text format (e.g. UG and Microsoft Excel)
  • Act as 3D scanner to scan 3D geomatric shape of a product
  • Support ouput of 3D data to generic CAD systems
  • Upgradable from manual Profile Tracer to Automatic Profile Tracer







In computerized bra mould making process, the most difficult problem is the shrinkage and distortion of product. The Laser Bra Profile Thickness Tracer can assist the computerized mould making by checking the thickness profile of the pilot sample and thus applying shrinkage and distortion compensation accordingly to shorten mould making lead time and enhance product quality.

The laser Bra Profile Thickness Tracer can quickly and accurately measure thickness distribution of sample to enhance quality control. It can also accompany with Statistical Process Control (SPC) system to monitor and control product quality in a preventive manner.


Automatic Profile Tracer Specifications


25(L) x 25(W) x 40(H)cm

Measuring Region

110x160mm (L X W)

Laser Type

Class II, 670nm wavelength, visible light spectrum

Measuring Time

About 1 sec to measure sectional thickness

Support unit

U-shape support, manual rotational support or auto rotational support


220AC, 2A

[ See detail information of the Automatic Profile Tracer ]


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