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Rapid Form XOS

Features & Benefits


Customer Benefits

Redundant Point Removal
Remove overlapping points from a point cloud based on automatically calculated values or user input

A very important tool to reduce data sets while keeping true to the original scan data, preparing point clouds for easy triangulation and downstream processing

Noise Filtration
Intelligent filtration of outlying points from scanner error

Quickly and easily remove erroneous data points, a common issue in many point clouds

Find Scan Direction
Automatically find a scanning direction for unorganized scan data set

For pre-registered point cloud sets without any transformation information, automatically find a scanning direction for effective triangulation & registration

Polygon Mesh Creation
2D & 3D triangulation operations

Triangulate point clouds before or after they have been aligned in 3D space, with highly optimized algorithms that avoid spikes, small holes, bad normals and unstable polygons

Intelligent Registration
User-guided registration, fully automated global registration based on curvature or volume

Easily align multiple scans without targets or references, and fit multiple point clouds together with extreme accuracy using industry-leading algorithms

Point Cloud & Polygon Merging
Surface and volume based merge operations

Automatically merge several scans into one complete model with no redundant polygons or merging artifacts

Hole-filling for Polygon Model
Flat, smooth and curvature based hole filling, using volumetric algorithms

A key element of 3D scan data processing, rapidformXO's hole filling makes watertight polygon mesh models that accurately approximate and fill in missing data

Decimation for Polygon Model
Reduce polygon count by any ratio while maintaining a high degree of accuracy to the original model

Reduce data size to 50, 25, 10 or even 5% of the original model while maintaining micron-level accuracy (specially designed for massive data set)

Point-streaming Publishing
For web-based viewing for massive 3D scan data with free web viewer

Millions of points can be easily published and shared for internet environment with free rapidformXO Point Streaming(RPS) viewer

RapidForm XOV

RapidformXO Verifier is the newest module on the rapidformXO™ platform. It is the world's first software for Systematic Inspection Processing™ using dense point cloud data. It is the only software of its kind that is built around the customer inspection process, with detailed planning and fast and easy execution of inspection processing. Built for accuracy and speed, if offers real time scan-to-CAD and scan-to-scan comparison and industry-proven geometric dimension & tolerance.

Prepare & Import Native CAD(Surface/Polygon) Data (or Scan Data)
RapidformXO™ easily reads popular neutral file formats, such as IGES, VDAFS, DXF, STEP and native formats from different CAD manufacturers such as CATIA V4/V5, ProE, UGS, SolidWorks, etc. rapidformXO™ Verifier can also intelligently understand GD&T information contained in 3D native CAD files via specialized rapidformXO™ Add-ins.

Define or Automatically Extract Nominal Geometry with CAD (or Scan Data)
Very intuitive : loads CAD files, automatically selects or extracts features in the CAD model by automatically assigning nominal values.

Define or Automatically Recognize Geometric Tolerance with CAD (or Scan)
This allows you to extract all size and position tolerances directly from the CAD model and assign them to the associated features. Savings your time up to 50%!

Import Scan Model or Real-time Scan
Imports offline scan data and automatically aligns with the CAD model in a variety of methods. rapidformXO™’s liveInspect™ guides the user to define which geometric features are to be measured individually or for real-time inspection.

Analyze GD&T and Report
Automatically analyzes GD&T based on pre-defined inspection plans and allows the user to generate reports.

All pre-defined inspection plans are repeatable and modifiable. 100% parametric & 100% associative!



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